Japan tour in May

Noumena is heading to Japan next May taking part in Suomi Feast 2018! Supporting Turisas, Beast in Black etc. we are going to perform live in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. This is an awesome start for Noumena's 20th anniversary year! More info at this point from Evoken de Valhall Production website:

"Kirouksen kantaja" music video and "Myrrys" out now

Our new album is finally available! We want to celebrate the release with an intriguing music video of the doomy and gloomy track Kirouksen kantaja.

- In "Kirouksen kantaja" dreamlike, slow melodies weave landscape over melancholic, downtempo song. Musical themes are given time to develop - in contrast to this hectic world where people's worth is measured by their ability to perform, analyzes guitarist Ville Lamminaho, the writer of the song.

- Lyrically the song is about overcoming obstacles and gathering strength, "finding the flame inside", to battle the curses that most people carry, in a form or another.

The music video reveals what kind of duties and incidents a Finnish park ranger faces, when searching for a lost metal bands in the woods. The story carries the audience into the heart of Finnish wilderness and mystery. The video manages to capture and visualize the themes and the atmosphere of "Myrrys".

Jack of all trades, Jyrki Muromäki came up the idea, directed, filmed and edited the video. He has collaborated with Noumena earlier, with the music video of "Sleep".

Myrrys is available in various digital music services (including Bandcamp) and in record stores as well. We'll update our website soon and all the shopping links in the same process.

"Myrrys" out in April, new song out now

After sweat, blood and tears, tons of cigarettes and too many bad jokes, we are finally on the verge of releasing our fifth album titled Myrrys.

As an appetizer, we want to serve you a single track Metsän viha in digital services and as a lyric video in YouTube.

- Metsän viha is an upbeat opening track of the album, which is a great choice as a single as well. The song combines catchy melodies, badass riffs, overwhelming drumming and Andy's and Suvi's merciless growls. Lyrics deal with the humanity's ability to destroy everything vital and dear, comments guitarist Tuukka Tuomela, who has composed the song.

The forthcoming album is an eloquent combination of 90's style melodic death metal and melancholic Finnish mollie tunes. The album is mixed and mastered by the metal visionary Dan Swanö, who has ensured wide and dynamic sounds. Myrrys offers a musical journey all the way from catchy upbeat moments to sturdy and desolate emotions.

With melodies, riffs, sounds and lyrics, Myrrys paints a picture of a mindscape filled with contradictions and Northern despair. The album title Myrrys (old Finnish) refers to ruckus, tumult or uproar. So far, Noumena has sticked to English as lyrical language, but the album themes, including Finnish nature and cultural heritage, and intimate stories required the use of Finnish. Every band member has contributed to songwriting, and the formidable cover art is crafted by Finnish young talent Otto Lehtonen.

Myrrys is released 28.04.2017 by Haunted Zoo Productions, which is an independent record label established by Noumena members. Distribution by Playground Music and Inverse Records. Released in Russia by FONO under the license from Haunted Zoo Productions. Album is released in CD/LP/DIGI.

Myrrys track list:
1. Kohtu
2. Metsän viha
3. Kirouksen kantaja
4. Sanat pimeydestä
5. Sanansaattaja
6. Roihu
7. Murhehuone
8. Pedon veri
9. Syvällä vedessä

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