New album out in April

Here we go! After a long and anxious waiting, Noumena is ready to release the 4th album titled Death Walks With Me.

- Our new songs are heavier and gloomier than Noumena's previous albums, both musically and thematically. We have broken our old patterns and barriers. But, there are Noumena trademarks ranging from catchy and melancholic melodies to aggressive and tranquil moments, of course, says vocalist Antti Haapanen.

- Great metal needs lots of forging, and we took our time. One reason for such a long pause in releasing was difficulty to find a proper label for us, Haapanen continues.

The new album also introduces the new member of Noumena: Suvi Uura. She is a talented and many-sided musician, who brings a final touch to Noumena's sound and live action. Suvi's vocal delivery is wide and deep, from touching and tender singing to brutal growling.

Death Walks With Me will be released by Haunted Zoo Productions and distributed by Playground Music. Release date (CD and digital) is 18.4.2013 for Nordic and Baltic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), rest of the world is TBA at the moment.